Grafting tips

Spring grafting of fruit trees

Grafting of fruit trees belongs to the vegetative propagation mode group, which implies mechanical connection and physiological combining of rootstock and scion in order to obtain a new fruit. It is the most spreaded way of modern fruit-breeding.


Grafting on sleeping bud

Grafting on sleeping bud got it’s name because inserted bud of fruit is „sleeping“ during the winter, it begins to open in the spring of next year.

Before grafting procedure it is important to prepare rootstock and scion branches. You have to cut off branches of rootstock beneath the insertion point. Make sure to remowe leaves from scion branches as sson as you take them off, and to leave one third of petiole.


„Room“ grafting

When to performe grafing procedure indoors?

The so-called room or indoor grafting is performed during the February. You have to use fruit seedlings (rootstocks) that have well-formed root for this kind of grafting. Rootstock needs to be cleaned from excess branches and need to be at least 8 millimeters thick on union point. They are taken from the base (orchard, plant nursery) in the fall. They need to be shorten 5-10 cm above the root canal and trap in the wet sand, where they are stored untill grafting procedure.