Grafting tips

Grafting on sleeping bud

Grafting on sleeping bud got it’s name because inserted bud of fruit is „sleeping“ during the winter, it begins to open in the spring of next year.

Before grafting procedure it is important to prepare rootstock and scion branches. You have to cut off branches of rootstock beneath the insertion point. Make sure to remowe leaves from scion branches as sson as you take them off, and to leave one third of petiole.

Grafting tool
You will need fruit scissors or sharp knife to preprare the base. After that grafting knife is reuired for cutting bark of rootstock. A special supplement, on the dull side of the knife, is the one that separates the bark, in order to insert a bud. Grafting stretch foil or grafting tie tape are also required.

Make sure that the bark of the rootstocks is easily separated two weeks before grafting procedure. If this is note the situation make sure to water the rootstock. If you don’t you riskthe faiure of grafting procedure.

Take care of rootstock thickness
When grafting procedure is being performed take care of the thickness of the rootstock and scion branch. Use buds that have similar thickness because in that way you provide better union of bud with rootstock and better ingrowth. It is important to performe grafting procedure in time, which is untill first half of September in Serbia. The different sorts of fruit are ready for grafting procedure in following order: almonds, apricots and plums, then pears, cherries and cherries, and stoves. Then the apples and quince sprouts.

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