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Vizant - Gornji Milanovac

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Vizant - Gornji Milanovac
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    The Vizant company was founded in 2004

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Grafting tape is a product that provides excellent grip during grafting scion to rootstock
It is elastic and provides good protection for a grafted plant
Stretch film is product that is used for grafting, usually in a late summer and autumn
Wheather to use the stretch film or other Vizant products depends on weather conditions, thickness of rootstock
Tie tapes for fruit seedlings: Raspberry, Blackberry, Grape vine, fruit trees, etc....
Depending on user needs we provide three types of tapes
Rose grafting clamp is the product that provides quality protection of a grafted plant until the graft has "taken"
It is made of a soft PVC film 100 microns thickness

About us

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The Vizant company was founded in 2004. Head office of the company is in Gornji Milanovac, Serbia. We make grafting and binding products. Our products are: grafting stretch film (foil), grafting tape, rose grafting clamps and tie tape.

The goal of our company is continuous expansion on the domestic market and markets abroad. In time that is ahead of us, we wish to improve the quality of our services to the highest level possible and to become recognizable on the market, with the belief that our current and future users will help us reach this goal.

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Grafting tips

Spring grafting of fruit trees

Grafting of fruit trees belongs to the vegetative propagation mode group, which implies mechanical connection and physiological combining of rootstock and scion in order to obtain a new fruit. It is the most spreaded way of modern fruit-breeding

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Grafting on sleeping bud

Grafting on sleeping bud got it’s name because inserted bud of fruit is „sleeping“ during the winter, it begins to open in the spring of next year.

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„Room“ grafting

When to performe grafing procedure indoors? The so-called room or indoor grafting is performed during the February. You have to use fruit seedlings (rootstocks) that have well-formed root for this kind of grafting

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